Content Strategist, Vitamin

Our new Content Strategist lives in the world of digital and social communications. They understand that their job is to create so much more than a message; instead, it’s about delivering an experience or a journey for a prospective customer that is engaging and motivates action. No matter the platform or medium, being a phenomenal writer and wordsmith is a must!

The candidate we hire will be known as Vitamin’s content king … or queen, as the case may be. It’s someone who knows from experience that the process of developing powerful, persuasive content begins long before you ever sit down and begin executing. Our new content expert will know that strategy comes first, and with it, a hefty list of questions to be answered up front. Who are we trying to talk to? What do they already know, and what do we want them to know? How do we want them to feel? What is it that we want them to do? What would motivate them to share our message with others? How does it tie in with their short and long term goals? And the list goes on …

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Develop highly-effective digital and social strategies in tandem with the launch of client campaigns and marketing initiatives.
  • Build and implement content lifecycle, to include initiation, concepting, writing and editing, publishing, and archiving material, applying the COPE philosophy (Create Once, Publish Everywhere).
  • Generate global and service-specific content themes, with a series of assets for placement in the digital marketplace, accounting for client branding requirements.
  • Develop recommendations for utility of digital and social platforms, based on campaign or project goals, audiences, and call to actions.
  • Assure content developed for cross-channel application is clear, concise, and consistent, and optimized for both the user experience and search engine results.
  • Establish and deploy content guidelines, standards, and best practices.
  • Collaborate with analytics staff to continuously track and monitor campaign progress and results, and deploy content changes and additions as needed.


  • 3-5 years of experience with agency experience highly recommended.
  • Bachelor’s degree.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of web-based and digital communications platforms.
  • Demonstrated experience in developing, implementing, and tracking digital and social-based strategies and tactics in alignment with marketing campaigns and programs.
  • Excellent communication skills – both written (copywriting and editing) and oral.
  • Ability and desire to work both independently as well as in a team-based environment at both the agency and in client settings.


We all work to make money. And when you join the Vitamin team, you will be compensated well in exchange for the time and talent you are devoting to your career and to our success, as an agency. We also offer a comprehensive benefits package, inclusive of medical, dental and vision; 401(k) with employer match; 3-week vacation to start with escalation; Summer Fridays, Takeout Tuesday; Mental Health Days, and much more beyond those “standard” employment benefits. Some of the perks our team appreciates the most, and gets super excited about include:

  • Location: the opportunity to work in an exciting location, in office space that is warm, inviting, and inspiring. Our office is positioned just one short block from the Creative Alliance, which is buzzing weekly with new art exhibitions, dance and music performances, movie showings, poetry readings, educational programs and other events that will keep any creative person’s heart content.
  • Work Environment: Most days, we’ve got the music pumping. And while we work hard, we also realize taking breathers throughout the day is not only necessary, but also gives us the chance to build personal relationships with those we work with side-by side. Plus, we know these little breathers ultimately make us more productive.
  • Parking: It’s plentiful, and it’s free.
  • Daily Style: We believe comfort is key and encourage you to dress in a way that is polished and professional for meetings, and work-appropriate the rest of the time.
  • Coffee is Key: We know it, and you know it. If you’re a coffee aficionado like many of us, you’ll quickly join the daily grind at our QuickMill Anita espresso machine.
  • Lunchtime Options: We’re a quick hop, skip, or jump away from some pretty cool and eclectic hot spots, from Canton Square and Patterson Park to local favorites like Atwater’s, DiPasquale’s, Matthew’s Pizza, and Snake Hill Tavern. We love food!
  • Bragging Rights: We crank out award-winning work. And at the end of the day, when your name is on it, you can say you were part of making it all happen.

About Vitamin

Wondering what Vitamin is all about? We are a Baltimore-based agency, delivering deeply branded integrated marketing-communications solutions for clients who need and want to bring their unique differences to life digitally and beyond. Growing and evolving each and every day for more than 15 years, we manage only the best, most collaborative and high-performing client-agency relationships. We develop and deliver strategies, campaigns and programs that aren’t just out of the box; they’re nowhere near the box. They lead to trackable, measurable results that make us, as well as the clients we serve, extremely proud. That said, when the time comes for us to recruit new talent to join our tight-knit team, we are looking for the best of the best. It’s what we want and absolutely need, and it’s what our clients demand.

Join Us

If what you are reading seems to be the opportunity you’ve been searching for, reach out and let us know. Please submit: your resume, samples from your portfolio that demonstrate your capabilities in alignment with our job description, and salary requirements. Email us at with “Content Strategist” in the subject line. No phone calls, freelancers or recruiters, please.